Best Photography Tips for Beginners

download-26Let’s be honest, everyone loves a well-taken picture. Be it landscapes, abstract, fashion or any other object, images transcend a feeling that few things can achieve. We all admire stunning pictures but have you wondered the work that goes behind it? Make no mistake; photography is by no means an easy feat. There are people who have been practicing it for years and still haven’t mastered it.

Starting out is the biggest obstacle in every creative field. If you can overcome it, you can achieve great things. For aspiring photographers out there, this article can be greatly influential.

So let’s discuss what tips beginners need to click stunning images:-

• Fill the frame: Far, distant subjects in an image don’t appeal to anyone. If you are capturing a subject, try to fill the frame with it. People will interpret it much better.

• Be quick: Suppose you are capturing a bird sitting on your porch; the bird won’t sit there all day posing and waiting for you to set up your camera. You have to be quick and spontaneous in such situation. Wait for more

Finding Best Photography Locations

download-25Next in our planning process is to secure the location for the ceremony and the reception. But how to you narrow the many options down to just a few? Location is everything! You have heard it from the real estate world for many years. The same is true for weddings. The place your hold the ceremony and the reception should complement the overall theme of your wedding. Remember that this location will be where you say your “I DO’s”; it will be place where you have your first dance as a married couple. It will set the tone of the whole day. Take cues from your style preference (see out earlier post on your wedding style) to help you select your location.

Does this location make you feel completely comfortable? Are you able to make it your own by customizing the tables, adding a big screen to watch a slide show of your lives, involve your pets, or adding décor? Does this location allow you to write your own vows or to have the photos that you envision in your mind?

Simple Guide to Find the Best Wedding Photographer

download-24Photographs complete any wedding occasion. They’re even sometimes considered the reason why people dressed their best and prepare for a wedding. No matter how you consider it, photography plays an important part to the perfection of any occasion and ceremony. Around the world are several wedding photographers that are highly skilled in this field. And for you to find them, you have to keep few things in mind to avoid ending up with the wrong one. Here is a guideline to help you find the best wedding photographer to handle any of your special outdoor or indoor events.

1. Check online photography services. The internet provides all the important information you need to find the best wedding photographer. Believe it or not, but staying 2 or more hours searching the web is already enough for you to know all the necessary details of a qualified photographer. There are several sites that provide a long-list of photographer names with their years of experience along with their sample photography artworks. You can also check the net for the direct contact information of these people. Once you get a hold

HDR Photography Tips for You

HDR Photography is one of the best tools you have at hand when it comes to creating top-quality photos that look simply astounding. HDR effects can really make your photos pop, standing out of the crowd and proving that you are more than a simple photographer. HDR techniques, when used correctly, can help you create out-of-this-world images.

What is HDR Photography?

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography is a set of techniques that allow you to make the shadows and highlights much more visible in an image, leading to a flawless photo with perfect shadows and details. The mid-tones, highlights and shadows can all be seen at once using this technique.

Tips and Tricks

In order to create amazing HDR images, you need an effective set of rules and techniques. Hence, follow the following tips:

1. Use a Tripod
HDR images should be taken on a tripod because the camera is still and is well able to take perfect images with no blur whatsoever.

2. Aperture Priority Mode
Because you need to take at least 2 photos and then combine them, each image must be consistent in terms of aperture and focus. In

Photo Restoration Tips for You

Today, almost everybody uses digital camera. However, there are some who still use film cameras. No matter what kind of camera one uses, it many times happens that the photo was not taken well. There will be problems associated with light, improper setting, lens flare, etc. These are problems which occur when shooting. Also, there are many problems associated with old photographs.They can have light issues, noise, lens flare problem, color problems or they can be very old, dusty and sometimes yellow. Some of these old photographs will be invaluable memory shots. So, what to do? How to repair and restore these photos. Use these tips and save your precious photos without having to discard them.

Tips to Restore Photos

  • First of all scan all the old photos you wish to restore. In case, the photos are digital, copy them to a particular folder on your system. These will be your photos you wish to restore.
  • If possible try to categorize the photos by the problems they have, for sub folder containing photos which are black and white and need to be converted to color, or photos which have a lot of noise, etc.
  • Now, it is time to use

Ways to Find a Great Wedding Photographer

As people keep saying, a picture is worth a thousand words and the experience that you and your husband or wife will have during your marriage is something that you never want to forget. It’s important to preserve all of these memories to remind us of these special moments and it can all be made possible through a good photographer. Here are some essential tips that you need to keep in mind when choosing a photographer to help you get the best possible experience.

Know your style

The style of photography should be the biggest priority. It all depends on your personality and you should be able to find recurring patterns in the way photographers work. Some photographers choose to have less lighting while others like to have their images have an over the top feel attached to them. Some photographers specialize in black and white images as well. Depending on what kind of images that you want to get, you should be going through your options accordingly and choose a photographer depending on what kind of images that you want for your profile. Even the best wedding planner cannot determine your style and it

Ways to Rent a Photo Booth

A photograph is a moment frozen for eternity. Every family’s collection of photos is a treasure trove of memories. Photography was popularized in the early years through photo booths and mini studios established in fairs. Even today, photo booths remain a popular feature in parties and weddings, where people enjoy clicking their pics with family and friends. If you are planning any social event and especially a family affair like a wedding, putting up a photo booth is one of the best ideas you could come up with.

About Photo Booths
For those of you who are not familiar with the idea of photo booths, here’s a short introduction. Photo booths are small boxlike structures with a camera fitted in with the equipment that can deliver the pictures instantly. There’s enough room inside for 3 or 4 people to stand together and pose. While instant photo delivery is not a novelty any more, in the era of digital cameras, it is still quite a popular feature in parties. Most photo booth offering companies will provide you with the option to go for a digital camera or a classic camera with chemical based development process.

You can choose to have a

Ways to Set Up a Quick DIY Photo Booth

Photo booth are becoming very popular at parties. They can be seen at the wedding and birthday parties. Photo booth are unique and form great ideas at a party and a quite simple one to do. You can set up a photo booth within an hour if you have the right equipment. Having a photo booth will add up to the entertainment of the party, and also let the guests take away their photos with them as memories. You can set one up at home just for fun, or for a special occasion like Halloween. Setting up a photo booth at home, before going to the party venue will allow you to test it beforehand. So, without further ado here are tips on building your own photo booth

Simple Photo Booth
For a super basic photo booth, you will need just a laptop and a printer. But, make sure the laptop has an embedded camera in it which has a decent enough resolution to take passport size photographs. So, in a corner of the room, that is well-lit, keep a stool for people to sit while their picture is being shot. Then set up the laptop at a height

Best Photography Tips for Capturing the Golden Hour

Golden light photography is like being dealt a pair of aces in a game of Texas hold ’em. It’s a great hand, but you still have to raise the stakes to rake in some real moolah, you have to be careful not to go overboard with your bets and mess it up, and the five community cards can still mess up the hand of your life.

The golden hour is (approximately) an hour after sunrise and before sunset, and this time can vary from region to region. The light during this period is ideal for amateur photography, and a very helpful natural aid for the pros.

Photography is all about light and the best ways to manipulate it. In a studio setting the photographer is in full control of the lighting, and can determine just how ‘fresh’ the latest aspiring model would look. Nature, on the other hand, is a fickle mistress, and your best-laid plans can be ruined by the slightest of showers in the middle of summer. So it’s best to go along with the flitting moods of Mother Nature, and take advantage of the times when she’s helpful.

But first, let’s get something out of the way. Just

Ways to Use the Panning Technique in Photography

While most pictures create a static image of the moving object, panning allows the background to be blurred, so as to get an impression of motion. Panning allows you to attain amazing results, if done with perfection.

The panning technique is nothing but moving the camera in a steady sweep, to keep the subject in the same spot on the viewfinder. In short, you have to pan the camera to keep up with the moving subject, to make your subject stand out in the picture. Panning helps render motion to an otherwise still image.
Panning, in simple words, is a technique that follows eye and neck movement while watching a race. This means that, the movement ought to be steady and slow, and not one that jerks. This technique is widely used in sports photography, especially that of races, to suggest fast motion. It is also used to make the subject stand out from the background.
Panning is essentially like clicking a picture in the panorama mode, where you move the camera slowly from one point to another along the same horizontal plane.

Observe how the cyclist appears to be static while the background appears to be in motion,

Effective Photographic Memory Techniques

Who says that only mind freaks can have photographic memory? You definitely can hear the oohs and aahs when the Mind Freak himself was able to draw for you a detailed drawing of the entire city just after a 5 min helicopter ride. It is a miracle how these people are able to remember so well. Now, imagine if you have the exact same power and ability. Wouldn’t that be incredible? Just glimpse through your textbooks the hour before you sit for your exam and you will definitely score a miracle ‘A’. Check out these 3 effective photographic memory techniques for you that you can use and benefit from.

Before getting started, photographic memory requires some kind of practice and technique too. So if you cannot do it after the first try, do not quit. Give yourself some time to get used to it too.

First, the link system is usually used to aid you with all sorts of memory work. This is highly useful for memorizing texts in the form of lists or chores. So, lets say if you have a long shopping list to remember, try to get all the words and try

How to Reduce Noise in Your Photos

One of the most common problems in digital photography is the presence of digital noise. Noise, simply defined, is the ugly discoloration that makes the photos appear grainy or speckled. Noise is clearly visible across larger areas of uniform color, like the sky. They appear as tiny dots all over the image once it is viewed at 100% on your laptop or PC. Digital noise is directly proportional to the ISO levels in a digital camera. So to say, the higher the ISO level, the higher will be the frequency of noise.

Technically speaking, there are different types of noise, and it shows itself as speckles in otherwise clear areas of an image. The major advantage with digital photography is that you can change the noise/grain level from one frame to another. While it is impossible to completely get rid of noise, you can reduce it so that it is barely noticeable to the viewer. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when shooting in low light settings using higher ISO values.

Causes of Noise
A digital camera is equipped with a sensor that collects light particles via ‘photosites’ that get converted into pixels in the final

Easy Tips to Hire the Best Wedding Photographers

Finding a good wedding photographer is a daunting task. The person needs to be knowledgeable, creative and booming with ideas to make each and every picture awesome. Therefore, hiring the most suitable person for the job is essential.

The wedding is the most special day for the couple. It is a new beginning for them to live together and be there for each other, happily ever after. Capturing such precious moments is something that every couple dreams of and therefore, the concept of “wedding photography” came into being. However, such things have become more professional as people are always looking for something more exquisite and expressive in the photographs. This has given rise to professional wedding photography, where talented, skilled and experienced experts take wedding pictures to make the treasured moments memorable.
Nevertheless, finding the right people can be a Herculean task and by no ways, would anyone want to make a wrong choice. So, if you are looking for the best wedding photographers, then it is essential to make the perfect selection amongst the teeming millions in the competition. Read along and get to know more about the qualities that a good photography team

How to Find the Best Wedding Photography

Finding the best photographer can be a tricky thing when you are not sure about the right photographer.  On the other hand, it is necessary to find the best photographer on your budget. Also, the choosing the perfect photographer is necessary for you would never want to compromise with the pictures of the special moments of your wedding day.

This post will help you get hold of the perfect photographer that you want to hire for your wedding ceremony. There is lots of photographer in the contemporary times and everybody claims to be the best regarding their services. However, it is best to do some research before hiring the best wedding photography inThornhill.

  • Research on the internet to find some great suggestions as well as photography services. A little exploration in the online world will help you with lots of information regarding various photographers in your area. Look into their sites and check their portfolio to understand their quality of work when it comes to wedding photography.


  • Ask for a recommendation from various people who are close to you. The other best way to find good wedding photographers is by asking references from

Maternity Photography Ideas for You

No other event can probably evoke the same feelings of unparalleled happiness and joy in a woman than pregnancy can. It’s no surprise then that you will want to capture these moments forever and ever in the form of photos. But how should you go about it? Are there special poses that you can don for best results? What will make for the most priceless snaps? Something so special that when you look at the snaps years later, you will be easily transported back to your pregnancy days? Something that is so cherished, that you will go through the entire 9 months again and re-live every kick from the baby, the cravings during pregnancy, the soft satiny baby clothes and the emotional roller coaster ride, all over again? Maternity photos. That’s what.
In the following sections we will take you through some of the factors that can be considered when going in for maternity photography — these include poses, location ideas, and varied experiments that you look into as well. What’s more, there are several images that you can use as examples as well.

The Photographer

The photographer is really the most important factor when it comes to

Ways to Focus Your Camera in the Dark

Did you know?
A photograph is essentially a map of light. When you take a picture, you’re actually drawing up a recording of the light reflecting off the photographed object.
Shooting in the dark, without knowing where exactly to focus, can be quite a task. Shooting aimlessly would be the possible solution, but you might end up with a few dozen goofed-up pictures, especially when it involves taking portraits. Using the auto focus mode is literally of no use in the dark, for there is no light that will guide you towards your object. The best solution here, is to use the manual mode to lock your focus into the frame and then shoot.

Low light photography, and night photography for that matter, is all about trusting your instincts to get the best out of the little illumination available. The only way you can ensure a quality picture, is by keeping the shutter open for as long as possible. Remember, night photography or low light photography is about depth and dimension. It would be beneficial to avoid using the flash constantly, and ruin the photograph.

Turn Off Auto Focus

First things, first: turn off your camera’s auto focus feature.

Ways to Find Cameras Under $200 For Sharp

Choose The Best Nikon Cameras Under $200

The Nikon L340 is one of the best Nikon cameras under $200 a photographer can find cameras for less than two hundred dollars. The Nikon L340 packs an optical zoom of 28x and the special NIKKOR lens covers an extensive range of 22.5 mm to 650mm, giving photographers a wide variety of options when it comes to finding the best shot for a particular image. The Nikon L340 is a digital camera with a wide array of useful features such as Vibration Reduction. The L340 has a large high definition LCD monitor, along with simplified operations for editing digital images.

The best Nikon cameras under $200 have a wide array of features to help photographers take crystal clear images that are sharp and full of detail. The Nikon P530 comes with optical zoom of 42x, allowing photographers to take excellent shots of subjects that are far away. The digital camera comes in a small frame that is incredibly easy to grip and carry around. The camera comes with wireless mobile adapter, which means that the causal photographers can upload the images to the internet through their smartphones and tablets.

Macro Photography Tips for You

One of the greatest joys of photography lies in the way it can be used for different purposes by different people. While some use it as an artistic medium, by producing abstract images while others use photography to create detailed and accurate representations of real life. I am always amazed at the superbly shot wildlife photos or close up photos that appear in National Geographic or Nature magazine. These photographs never fail to fascinated me and leave me wondering how much effort and skill is needed for that one elusive shot. Recently, I happened to meet a good friend of mine who gave me the low-down about such photographs. These shots are taken by a technique known as macro photography.

What is Macro Photography?

The word macro means ‘large’, or ‘of great size’. In photographic terms, it can be called a type of close-up photography that normally tries to produce images on a 1:1 ratio. In other words it tries to create images that are of the same size as the objects or subjects they represent. These techniques are popularly used in nature photography, wherein it is often required to produce images that exhibit the true detail of

Ways to Take a Great Selfie

Be Creative. Be Original
If you’re not sure as to what angle, lighting, or style will work in your favor, do a quick search on some celebrity selfie faux pas. That way, at least you’ll be informed about what not to do. And as far as what you should be doing to get the best selfie, is to read the following tips.

Use Several Devices

Before you can even think about uploading a selfie on your social networking site, you need to decide which device to use in the first place. Although there are many devices (cell phone, DSLR, iPad, etc.) you can use to take a selfie, the best out of the lot is a smartphone with a front and back camera. But, it doesn’t mean that your other gadgets can’t come in handy. You just have to understand how each of them works. In the end, all that matters is how well you practice and can get the right shots.

Find the Right Angle

A lot of people suggest that while taking a selfie, you should tilt your face ¾ of the way to the camera. Although that may be true for some, it doesn’t necessarily

Portrait Photography Tips

You need not be an expert or professional at portrait photography to click a stunning portrait of your subject. A portrait can be defined as a person’s similitude. Though the definition is very simple, the portrait in itself has a deeper meaning. A portrait can capture the features, character or nature of the subject.

A great portrait is the one that reflects the uniqueness of the subject along with the “wow” factor. Now, if you are new at portrait photography, then keep in mind that there are simply no rules for capturing portraits.

♠ How to Capture Stunning Portraits ♠

Tools of The Trade

The very important tool that you require to create a wonderful portrait is a camera Search on the Internet or visit a nearby store to make yourself aware of the cameras available. Digital cameras make some of the best cameras to be used for portrait photography. They are easy to work with when compared with film cameras, due to their versatile nature and accuracy. Certain features of such cameras help to enhance the beauty of the portrait. Avail a good deal on a tripod while you’re at it.


Decide the background or location